The Chemotherapy Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1968 dedicated to the control, cure, and prevention of cancer through innovative medical therapies, and provides crucial seed money to gifted researchers to start groundbreaking work designed to facilitate breakthrough science. By combining aggressive research with professional education and implementation, the Foundation's programs are widely recognized in the field for their significant contributions to improved patient-care management and survival.

Who We Are

Chairman and Medical Director

Franco M. Muggia, MD


Barry Richter

Director of Medical Symposia

Edward P. Ambinder, MD

Executive Director

Shirley Cox

Conference Management Director

Jaclyn Silverman

Associate Medical Directors

Edward P. Ambinder, MD
Silvia C. Formenti, MD
Janice L. Gabrilove, MD
Howard S. Hochster, MD.
Steven Itzkowitz, MD
Lawrence P. Leichman, MD
Roman Perez-Soler, MD








Ongoing Research Programs

• Acute Leukemias
• Brain Cancer
• Breast Cancer
• Gastric Cancer
• Gynecological Cancers
• Hodgkin Lymphoma
• Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
• Lung Cancer
• Melanomas
• Ovarian Cancer
• Prostate Cancer

Meet Our Grant Recipients

Professional Education

The annual Symposium jointly sponsored by The Chemotherapy Foundation and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine presents New Developments in Cancer Therapeutics for Oncologists, Hematologists, Oncology Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Case Managers, and Pharmacists. 

Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium 2015

November 4 - 6, NYC, USA

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Free Educational Booklets for the Profession & the Public

What Every Woman and Her Doctor Should Discuss about Ovarian Cancer
Ezra M. Greenspan, MD, Franco M. Muggia, MD

Prostate Cancer: A Chronic Disease with Multiple Treatment Options

Anna C. Ferrari, MD, In collaboration with Alejandro Gόmez-Pinillos, MD

Chemotherapy Today:
A Guide for Cancer Patients and Those Who Care About Them

Mary-Ellen Siegel, MSW, LCSW
in collaboration with
Franco M. Muggia, MD

Breast Cancer Today:
A Guide for Breast Cancer Patients and Those Who Care About Them

Mary-Ellen Siegel, MSW, LCSW
in collaboration with
Franco M. Muggia, MD

Ezra Greenspan, MD (1919 - 2004)

Founder of The Chemotherapy Foundation, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. Greenspan was a pioneering oncologist who founded The Chemotherapy Foundation in 1968 and its professional education arm, The chemotherapy Foundation Symposium in 1972, to bring the new developments in cancer therapeutics to practicing oncologists in the years ahead. His goal was the control and eventual cure of cancer.  His early work is widely recognized as a forerunner to current progress in combating many types of cancer.

Franco M. Muggia, MD

Chairman and Medical Director of The Chemotherapy Foundation
Director, Oncology Divsion, NYU Cancer Center

Dr. Muggia is a widely recognized expert and thought leader in clinical oncology who is responsible in collaboration with the Associate Medical Directors and the Scientific Advisory Council for selection of the research projects and investigators funded by The Chemotherapy Foundation. As Chairman of the Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium, Dr Muggia plays a major role in the annual professional education program.


Barry Richter

President, The Chemotherapy Foundation

For over twenty years, Mr. Richter has devoted his efforts to expanding The Chemotherapy Foundation's programs and guiding its resources to fund the best scientists and clinical investigators to accelerate research initiatives that hold realistic promise for patient benefit in the near future, so that an ever increasing number of cancers can be managed and moved to the category of chronic diseases.





Edward P. Ambinder, MD

Director of Medical Symposia, The Chemotherapy Foundation Clinical Professor of Medicine and Oncologic Sciences, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. Ambinder, a recognized leader in oncology education, practice management and informatics, is responsible for new educational and informatic initiatives of the Foundation. He provides guidelines and oversight for the Program Review Committee of the Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium.



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